#Top 5 skincare brands to look for


What is the most important thing in your morning\evening routine? Of course, skincare. You should always remember about treating your skin right. Here is our “top five” brands for skincare to look for:

  • Skyn Iceland.

The best cosmetics is made by tired and depressed person. Why so? The main creator of Skyn Iceland was so tired of New-York and mad speed of life, her skin was so depressed, that she broke out and decided to change everything. She moved to Iceland and that’s where everything began. As observations shown, Icelandic clean water, air and plants from this severe part of the world are just perfect for the skin. The idea came very fast – why don’t we put Iceland in a bottle and to the bathroom of every stressed out woman? That’s, actually, what Skyn Iceland did. Moreover, the idea was very successful as all Skyn Iceland’s cosmetics is working. Clay, berries, plants, arctic water and one the most awesome chemists in the world – that’s what you need if your skin is tired.




  • L’Occitane

Thinking about spring and blossoming, but not in a VS’s way? About something gentle, feminine and luxury in a modest sort of way? Almond oil, honey, lavender – are personal marks of L’Occitane brand. And good source of treatments for skin. If you are in search for body treatment – try L’Occitane body butters.






  • Clarins

The family company was founded by the medical student Jacques Courtin-Clarins, which shows us that science has taken the majority in this brand. Price and quality are awesome. We can talk very long about advantages of this brand, but just try their “Doux Exfoliant Lotion de Clarté” lotion and after two days of using it you will forget about scrubs and postacne.





  • Santa Maria Novella

We know lots of brands that you could use instead of Santa Maria Novella cosmetics but you will never find the one with such a great, rich smell or ability to carry away your bad thoughts (and money). The history of this brand had started in 1342 in Florence by monks of Santa Maria Novella church who developed special formulas of treatments for royal Medici family. And, believe us, each perfume of this brand has the spirit of a royal level.







  • Natura Siberica.

Wow, right? Really cheap and awesome brand from Russia which won love all over the world. Best eco-ingredients for body, face and soul. If you are a yoga teacher, a housewife, a soldier, an actress or a doctor – doesn’t matter – this brand will cure and treat each particle of your body with care and power of wild flowers.



AUTHOR || Apollinaria MOST 





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