#Brioni: history of the brand


One can hardly imagine a brand, that gave such a strong impetus to the development of men’s fashion as Brioni house did. The most influential men of the world consider it their duty to have a Brioni suit in their wardrobe. They are presidents, politicians, actors and businessmen. We had a talk with the daughter of one of the Brioni’s founders Gaetano Savini – Gigliola Savini about the history of the company, its values and plans for the future.


CABINET DE L’ART: Do you know what was at the very beginning of the brand’s history? What was your father’s main goal?

GIGLIOLA SAVINI: He was stylish, he was a businessman, he was a public relation.

He did everything to recreate his dream in 1945 together his partners. They decide to choose brand name “Brioni” that was at time Italian islands famous for elegant holidays. 

In 1945, together with his partner, the tailor Nazareno Fonticoli, the enterprising Gaetano Savini opened the first Brioni boutique in Rome, thus permanently changing the concept of classical men’s style. It ought to be something accurate, memorable and associated with “dolce vita”. This is how the famous Brioni appeared, originating from the name of the resort of Brioni, which was very fashionable at that time and where the cream of society was resting.  

Gaetano and Giorgio Savini

CABINET DE L’ART: If the Brioni house could be described in three words, which words would you choose?

GIGLIOLA SAVINI: Best, quality and innovation, within a few years, the brand have become a symbol of quality. The costumes by Brioni were made by hand and then released into mass production. They were characterized by perfect cut, high quality materials and rather bold colour solutions. The turning point in the history of the fashion house Brioni was the Gaetano Savini’s meeting with the “father of Italian women fashion” Giovanni Battista Giorgini, who introduce also the Brioni men’s creation in Palazzo Pitti in Florence in 1952. This event caused attracted foreign journalists greatly contributed to the promotion of the brand outside Italy.


Gaetano Savini and John Wayne

CABINET DE L’ART: Today the most influential people in the world wear Brioni suits: presidents, actors. What is the attractiveness of the brand?

GIGLIOLA SAVINI: That’s to Brioni’s clothes for first time the gentleman had the chance to choose a new way of dressing.

“Change their style”

“No longer were monotonus clothes in style and colour”

Gaetano and Gigliola Savini

CABINET DE L’ART: What is the main goal of the brand in the global sense?

GIGLIOLA SAVINI: Telling the world what to do for a man – beauty. The “winning idea” was to take a new path from the beginning. Not just to start with a classic tailor shop but a sartorial laboratory where new ideas were created to be at the service of men who wish to be updated.


Author || Daria Gorelik
Photos || provided by Gigliola Savini