#Modern art in GUM

Exhibition of the modern art will take place in GUM, from April 13 to May 28. The best Russian artists of our time will take part in it.

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2019 will enjoy an incredible number of art show that speak on behalf of modern art. One of the highlights for Moscow will be the GUM-Red-Line Festival. Opposite the red walls of the Kremlin will be the work of the best Russian artists of our time.

The We Are One Family Art Show and Festival, which originated from the art project of BoscoMagazine, was chosen as the story line of the exhibition. For four years, famous Russian artists have revealed in their work the theme of the family. So each BoscoMagazine cover became an exhibition of one picture.

Sergei Bartkov

Sergei Bartkov

The project participants:

Vladimir Dubossarsky Oleg Kulik AES+F Andrey Bartenev Pavel Pepperstein Georgy Ostretsov Georgy Totibadze Konstantin Zvezdochetov Alexander Vinogradov Sergey Bratkov Semyon Faibisovich Grisha Bruskin Aidan Salakhova Bella Levikova Irina Korina Tanya Pioniker

From April 13 on the 1st line of the store will open the exhibition, built in the format of 16 art pavilions and designed by the architectural bureau WowHaus. It besides various genre works such as paintings and drawings, video and objects will be information about the artists.

Georgiy Totibadze. Autumn 2016. "Nachalo"

Georgiy Totibadze. Autumn 2016. “Nachalo”

This will give visitors a possibly evaluate the life and career of the position of each participant of the project.

The Festival will provide a platform for an educational program that will include tours suitable for any audience. Do not miss a discussion panel featuring the artists, a performance by the Praktika Theater, film screenings, and an interactive master class on creating new contemporary art objects.

Photo provided by the organizers

Author | | Alina Izmailova



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