#Top 5 Beauty Bloggers On Instagram


There’s no better place for everyday makeup magic than Instagram. If you’re looking for ways to please your inner beauty junkie, fill your feed with these five gorgeous accounts with expert advice on choosing the right products or exclusive tips and tricks to perfect your makeup skills. They’re sure to get your creative juices flowing and guide your way to becoming your best self.


Linda Hallberg



If you really want to start experimenting with makeup, but don’t know where to start, follow Sweden-based makeup artist Linda Hallberg. She’s one of the most innovative and enthusiastic beauty bloggers out there. Linda loves to play with different colors and textures, and it seems like everything looks darn good on her. Not only she inspires over 800 thousand followers to be playful and different, but also to be open and honest about the struggles they have. No one is perfect, and she isn’t afraid to show not-so-cool side of her – two months ago Linda told about her suffering from eczema and encouraged everyone not to become fake in a world of filters.

Alessandra Steinherr


Alessandra is a Beauty Director at Glamour UK magazine, so it’s her job to always keep abreast of all beauty trends popping out every day. On Instagram she’s a personal beauty editor of over 100 thousand followers, which seek her advice using a hashtag #AskAlex. Alessandra is like a beautyholic friend you always have been dreaming to have: she tests the new products first, knows what you need, helps to solve your beauty issues and encourages you to be fabulous. She’s a recognized and award-winning expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry, so there’s no reason not to trust her.


Pat McGrath


It’s kind of weird to call the most influential women in modern makeup industry a beauty blogger, but we just couldn’t miss her on that list. Pat McGrath’s Instagram with over 1 million followers is filled with the trendiest beauty ideas to get inspired. The coolest thing is that, basically, all of the makeup looks she shares on the social network you can easily recreate yourself, now that she released her own cosmetics line. Recently it’s been all about glitters and gold, so make sure to follow her before the biggest night of the year.


Kat Von D Beauty




For quite a long time Kat was well-known as a tattoo artist, but the launch of her own cosmetics collection at 2008 was such a phenomenon, she became a beauty industry maven at a blink of an eye. Her brand’s Instagram with nearly 3 million followers bursts with colorful looks created by Kat’s army of long-time admirers. It’s a whole library of 2.4 thousand bold and unexpected looks with signature winged eyeliner, graphic lips and eyebrows created with Kat’s makeup line, which speaks to beautyholics way better than advertising.


Beauty Is Boring


If you prefer seeing crisp and polished photos rather than selfies, check out Beauty Is Boring by innovative makeup artist and professional photographer Robin Black. Her success story sounds like a fairytale: a girl with a love for painting yet with zero experience in makeup whatsoever instantly got a chance to work with legendary Laura Mercier and Diane Von Furstenberg. Now she’s a top editorial makeup artist with over 100 thousand followers on Instagram.