#Christmas campaigns


Let’s look over the most amusing and creative Christmas fashion campaigns over the last few years.


«Christmas in ghetto» or what will happen if Gosha Rubchinskiy creates a Christmas campaign for Topman. New Year’s enthusiasm is not expected. Hooligans posing in front of battered brick walls, factory buildings and worldly-wise mechanisms of unknown purpose. It turned out in the best underground traditions of Rubchinskiy. Festive and (not) merry video attached.



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, David Gandy and Helena Bonham Carter presented a mini-movie and Marks&Spencer advertising campaign. British model tried on several fabulous images: Alice in Wonderland, Princess Jasmine, Dorothy and Little Red Riding Hood. Handsome David Gandy tried himself in the role of the Mad Hatter and Aladdin, and Helena Bonham Carter became the great and terrible Wizard of Oz.




You have certainly noticed this charming film on YouTube. Wes Anderson has made no movie for almost three years, so the short film for H&M is a great and pleasant surprise. Wes invited his old friend Adrien Brody, filming «Come Together» in the same style as that of «The Darjeeling Limited». Actually, this is a mini-remake of «Darjeeling» – passengers of different color are traveling by Winter Express on Christmas Eve (the train is delayed in a shameless way), and the conductor invites them to a small celebration meeting where also a little boy appear to come.

Recently Tiffany&Co has demonstrated their romantic and inspiring Christmas video. The main heroine of the campaign is Elle Fanning. As representatives of a brand said, they drew inspiration from emotions and bright Tiffany jewelry. “Let the world sparkle” – the main message of the video. This rousing clip is ideally combined with anticipation of Christmas and New Year.




Anja Rubik and her husband Sasha Knezevic – in a Christmas photoshoot for the Polish jewelry brand Apart. In the New Year’s entourage including Christmas trees, toys and garlands the couple presented jewelry which can be a wonderful gift for the beloved. These cozy Christmas images – the work of the photographer Marcin Tyszka.









AUTHOR || Sasha Khramova IG @sasha.zinger