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Fashion Show Producer. Is it a necessary position in an industry that is often hard to get into?

Most people even don’t know what the title “Fashion Show Producer” means. Looking inside this work we will find the following details and steps of the process.

First, a producer has to consider the purpose of the fashion show. For example, a fashion week show, a private display for a fashion brand to buyers and clients, an event for which he must find designers and which is organized for business development purposes, a show for entertainment value etc.


The next step is to find a venue. A fashion show producer must decide how many people he wants to host, the style of the show he will create and set up. For a traditional runway show a spacious room should be considered. For a simple display or exhibition style presentation a smaller, more intimate space will be sufficient.

After that a producer must confirm the designers. If a designer has initiated the event for marketing purposes, then they will have likely discussed the organization up front. If the event is initiated by the producer, then a designer search must take place.


Once the designers have been confirmed, model castings begin. Producers receive hundreds of model photos and submissions of experienced as well as aspiring models. The models are the face/promotional representatives for the brands in the event that’s why model selection is very important.

Now the event elements are in place. A producer has to concentrate on the guest list, photographers and press. It is important for a producer to be mindful of who attends the event as the profile of the attendees is in line with the goals of the designer.


Finally, a producer oversees the styling of models, model choreography, music selection, timing, fittings and changes backstage during the event.

Certainly, it is impossible for one person to handle all of these activities throughout an evening. A good idea is to delegate responsibilities. Although such an event is very involved, takes a lot of work and time for organization, the result is always rewarding!


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AUTHOR || Elizabeth TIKHOMIROVA IG @eli_daizy