#Vintage shopping



Imagine the sun, the same color as the late warm summer, making its way through the curtains. You opened your eyes, stretched and stood up. Washed you face with ice water. Made a cup of fragrant coffee. This is how an ideal day for vintage shopping starts.

The feeling of owning a cool one-of-a-kind piece of clothing is incomparable. Obviously, sometimes in winter in the center you can meet a young girl wearing the same coat as yours. Or in the heat of summer in the park there is a guy with the same backpack. However, there exists both budget- and eco-friendly alternative way in your approach to shopping. You can buy a very similar coat with its own history in a vintage shop and spend several times less. In such cities as New York or London it is a whole industry – they have second-hand shops almost on every street! And it has its own magic to the question: “Wow, where did you get this dress?” answer “It is vintage!” But do not forget: to find a masterpiece it is necessary to search.




Here are some tips for treasure hunt beginners:

1. Do research and check all the vintage and second-hand stores you have in your town. Now there is a variety of websites presenting reviews, but for different people different things are good, therefore it is better to canvass all the places and select your favorites. Many shops have their pages on Instagram or Facebook where you can check photos and see if you like the atmosphere of the place.

2. Take your friends with you – several advantages at a time. You will feel more relaxed, have fun listening to music in your car spending time on the road between the shops and be able to ask for advice about that oversize orange sweatshirt. And, of course, take cool photos! It is especially fascinating to take spontaneous pictures: your friend digging in a huge pile of shoes and looking for a pair of green vintage Prada mules or sitting on a stool with arms full of hats.




3. Arrange the raid – several shops in one day. Stay hydrated and have something to snack in your bag – banana, apple or muesli. Dehydration and hunger are incompatible with the treasure hunt.

4. Dress comfortable – you will have to seek gems in a huge pile of things for a long time and, maybe, in uncomfortable positions. My choice – favorite jeans, old Lagerfeld t-shirt and comfy sandals.