#Natalie Rukavishnikova. Interview with an artist


Today I would like to present a young artist Natalie Rukavishnikova to you. I was happy to ask her several questions about her life.


Natalie Rukavishnikova


  • Please, tell us your story: when did you start to draw?

As many other children I enjoyed drawing when I was a little girl. I studied in an ordinary school. Drawing took all my time when I started to prepare to enter the academy.


  • As far as I know you graduated from The Russian University of Theatre Arts. Why did you choose this university? Didn’t you know that your future would be connected with painting?

While studying at school I had a dream to dedicate my life to skateboarding. When I was 14, such brands as Nike, Fresh and Fiction cooperated with me. However, after numerous injures I realized that I would not be able to work like this for a long time. So, when I was about to finish school, I started to think about the future, to search something that I would love not less than skateboarding. Something that would give me the same feeling of liberty. The first idea that came up to me was to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become an architect. I started preparing to enter Moscow Institute of Architecture. At the same time, I helped my friend in the children’s musical drama theater named “A-Ya” with the stage properties (artist and dramatist Egor Fedorichev introduced me to this theatre). I went to the theatre frequently. Suddenly half a year before the exams I remained committed to the painting, to the work with color and to the examination of theater. After school I went to The Russian University of Theatre Arts to study to be an artist and stage designer. It was rather a spontaneous and intuitive decision.




  • I came to know your works of art when my friend showed me some postcards depicting your pictures from VENN series. There is a girl with a bear on each of them. What did you want to tell us creating these works of art?

For me it is just a story about the imaginary friend. While working I was inspired by Norwegian fairy-tales and my little sisters.




  • Going deeper into your works of art I noticed that your pictures depict people, animals and nature. Why did you choose them?

Something wild surrounds us and at the same time can be found inside us. Animals and nature symbolize our emotions.

For instance, let us look at the painting “A Walk in the Dark”. When love, fear, hatred or other emotions make a person blind, he moves blindfolded. And if he doesn’t open his “eyes”, sooner or later emotions will swallow him up.


A Walk in the Dark


  • What is your favorite piece of art? Why?

As a matter of fact, today movies impress me deeper than other works of art. Very often they are similar to paintings for me. I enjoy watching “Crimson Peak”. I think this piece of art is awesome and beautiful. Everything is overwhelming: actors, costumes, scenery, ghosts, the mansion. This story wants to be seen again and again.




  • I know that you are about to finish drawing a series of works inspired by Ray Bradbury. Could you tell us about these paintings?

Yes, to a large extent Ray Bradbury and the Major Arcana in the Taro deck inspired me. In this series I’m interested in a person: how he, so imperfect, aims to become a whole one. For example, his fears, illusions and emotions, fight against them and their admission.


in process


  • Where people can see and buy you works of art?

You can find some paintings, sketches, interviews and publications, information about the past exhibition on my website natalieruka.com. There is a list of products available for sale in Store section. Paintings from the series can be bought after exhibition, some can be reserved while I paint them. If you want to buy anything, you can address me directly through my website, mail or messages.

Moreover, there are copies of extra and limited edition in storystore.ru shop.




  • Thank you for the interview. Looking forward to visiting your next exhibition.

Thank you.


AUTHOR || Elizabeth TIKHOMIROVA IG @eli_daizy

ARTIST || Natalie Rukavishnikova IG @natalieruka