Calligraphy. What does it mean? The word has its root in the Greek language. “Kalli” means beautiful and “graphia” is the Greek word for writing. People call it the visual art of writing. The contemporary definition of calligraphy is “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skillful manner”.

Calligraphy aims to produce an “art” reaction, in which a deeper meaning is communicated from artist to viewer, and the latter feels invited to think in response. By contrast, handwriting aims to be read.

The different types of calligraphy include Western, Eastern Asian, Southern Asian and Islamic. There are also a lot of subtypes there.

Western calligraphy continues to evolve from the 10th century writing. Latin script is a form of Western calligraphy. Many people are familiar with it. This type has been around since 600 B.C. Since that time such calligraphy styles as Batarde, English script and Caroline script have evolved throughout history.


Western сalligraphy


Eastern Asian calligraphy derives from China, Korea and Asia. Each Asian dynasty has its own form of calligraphy. For instance, there are many styles of Chinese character calligraphy there. The Kaishu script, also called the standard script, is the traditional form of calligraphy in China.


Eastern Asian calligraphy


Southern Asian calligraphy encompasses calligraphy from Tibet, India and Nepal. The most common calligraphy used for Buddhist texts is the Ranjana script. Most often this form of writing is seen on letters of the Dalai Lama.

destiny newari


Islamic calligraphy evolves from the Arabic language. It often uses geometric patterns in its writing. According to many Muslims, calligraphy is the language of the spiritual world and is extremely important.


Islamic calligraphy


Many different tools are used in calligraphy, based on the type of writing that needs to be done. For example, in Western calligraphy authors would use round-nipped pens or brushes to write and knives to remove any mistakes. Islamic writers would pen their works on treated palm leaves or burnt clay pieces.


Keep calm and practice


Calligraphy is about creating something uniquely beautiful, whether to celebrate a special occasion like marriage or to use it as a hobby in our everyday life. This kind of art impresses and attracts people, helps to relax while practiced, enhances the brain functions and what not. Only pros, no cons.

So, keep calm and practice calligraphy.


AUTHOR || Elizabeth Tikhomirova  @eli_daizy