TOP 5 most rich&famous supermodels 2016


  1. Gigi Hadid  

Gigi Hadid 3.png


A fashion model and television personality with California Girl look conquered internet and fashion world and has turned digital fame into dollars, translating over 22 million Instagram followers into contracts with Maybelline and Tommy Hilfiger before her 22nd birthday. Born and raised in LA, she started modeling, when she was only 2 years old with Baby Guess. Gigi worked with magazines such as Elle and Vogue. In 2015, she was introduced in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Gigi Hadid’s income stands at $9 million, in 2016.


  1. Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner 3


Kendall Jenner, one of Kardashian sisters, has been working for years in order to establish a modeling career and put some distance in between herself and the Kardashian reputation. Kendall quickly ditched her association with the Kardashians at the age of 18. The name was apparently a hindrance to the young model, and reportedly Kendall dropped her last name to help her pursue a high-fashion modeling career. She made $10 million in 2016.


  1. Karlie Kloss


Karlie Kloss 2


Karlie started her modeling career as a teenager. In 2006, she did her first cover, for the Scene Magazine. Karlie was also signed within the Elite Model Management and went to many of the modeling projects that were internationally a brand success. In 2011, she signed with Christian Dior and also became a Victoria’s Secrets lingerie model. Karlie Kloss advertised for 18 different brands in 2016, including L’Oréal and Swarovski and earned $10 million.


  1. Adriana Lima

Адриана Лима 3


Brazilian Adriana Lima, the longest-running Angel in Victoria’s Secret history, earned $10, 5 million this year. To begin her career she, at the age of thirteen, had finished the first place in a Ford Supermodel of Brazil model search before she finally won the second place in the 1996 Ford Supermodel of the World contest. Following her “victory,” Adriana soon moved to New York City and signed with Elite Model Management.

1. Gisele Caroline Bündchen


Жизель Бундхен 1


Despite announcing her retirement from the catwalk last year, Gisele Caroline Bündchen has retained her title as the world’s highest-paid model for the 14th consecutive year. The 36-year-old has made more money than any other model since 2002. She has contracts with Chanel, Carolina Herrera and Pantene, plus advertisements for Arezzo shoes and SkyTV in her native Brazil. More than that, she has her own line of lingerie and skincare. Gisele earned $30.5 million in 2016.